Timber being seasoned

Suppliers of wood for burning

Cottage Firewood is a family run business based in Hinckley, Leicestershire. Peter Sheppard is the 4th generation of a family of farmers and started in the wood business in 1996. Since then, Cottage Firewood has developed by using some of the most sophisticated timber processing equipment available, with our own timber management and storage processes to create seasoned wood logs for burning – high quality, sustainable and long lasting, far superior to kiln dried logs.

High quality logs for firewood

With over 3000 satisfied customers, you can rely on Cottage Firewood to provide the best wood for burning, with a low moisture content. If you’ve bought bags of damp logs before and been disappointed in the quality – try ours and, we promise, you’ll never go back!

Firewood suppliers in the Midlands

With over 4000 tons of seasoned wood available at our farm in Hinckley, Leicestershire, Cottage Firewood can supply to Domestic or Trade customers throughout the Midlands.

Why are our firewood logs made from seasoned timber?

Our timber is seasoned for at least 3 years before being converted into logs for firewood, because we know that after 3 years, the wood has matured to the point where it’s perfect for burning – any less just isn’t good enough!
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Woodsure Certified Ready to Burn Firewood


Our firewood logs are certified under the “Ready to Burn” initiative, as we have demonstrated that our logs have under 20% moisture content.

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