Cottage Firewood Supplies, local contacts

As leading Midlands based suppliers of seasoned logs for burning, we work with a lot of local businesses in the Leicestershire area and have included a selection of useful local links here.

Malt Kiln Farm Shop logo
A great farm shop for fresh produce at Stretton-under-Fosse
Attfield's Farm Shop

Another great local company, based in Whetstone, Attfield’s Farm Shop sells a wide range of local produce, including wood logs for burning.

Woodburner Workshop logo
Stoves Online supply woodburning stoves and woodburners across the UK, and offer installation advice and chimney design.
Stone Wash cleaning logo
Our sister company, Stone Wash Cleaning offer professional jet washing services to clean drvies, patios etc.
Heavenly Bedding logo
Our sister company, Heavenly Bedding, supplies high quality equine bedding made on our farm.