We’re all familiar with the concept of a “silver” wedding anniversary (25 years) and Diamond (60 years) amongst others, but did you know that the traditional gift for a 5th anniversary is made of wood? We did wonder why that was, so we looked it up and the use of wood indicates that, after 5 years, you’ve gone past the “newlywed” stage, so it symbolises strength in your partnership as well as indicating something which is long lasting.

Wood slices – a really personal 5th anniversary gift

Thinking about gifts made of wood, you might consider a picture frame (could be quite romantic, particularly with a nice photo in it) or a chopping board (although we think that’s a bit dubious to be honest!). Being a bit more adventurous, you could consider a wooden framed bed, a garden bench or a jewellery box. But how about something, simple, original and personal?

Wood slice 5th anniversary gift

Whilst, for many years, our main focus has been on the supply of firewood, we’ve seen increasing interest in high quality wood slices for decorative use, for example as table centrepieces for weddings. Taking that a step further, how about a decorated or engraved wood slice as a 5th anniversary gift? No two wood slices are the same, and with your choice of inscription or imagery engraved on the log, you can be sure that your gift will be unique, something to treasure and or course, made from our high quality, sustainable, local timber.

We can supply the wood slices for you in the sizes you need, for you to decorate, or we can you in touch with a local company who can laser engrave the wood for you.