In a recent blog, we wrote about the benefits of using log-burners to heat your home, by connecting them to your central heating system.
We’ve always thought that log burning stoves were an efficient way to provide heat for homes. They are even more cost effective now, due to the recent rises in gas and electricity prices. Added to that, the February storms have led to large numbers of homes being without power, so wood burning stoves are proving to be a way to control costs and provide an independent power source.

Heating you home with wood


Wood burning stoves becoming more popular

As reported in the news over the last few days, the Stove Industry Alliance
say that sales of wood burning stoves increased last year. According to recent news reports, stove users could save hundreds of pounds per year on fuel costs. So if you already have one as a stand-alone log burner, you could consider making more use of it. See our “Heat Your Home With Wood” blog for more information.

There have been concerns about emissions from domestic indoor wood burning, although these have recently been found to have a lower contribution to PM2.5 emissions than previously thought. As we’ve mentioned before, using a modern, compliant wood-burner, with high quality, seasoned firewood logs offers a good solution to control your heating bills and keep your home warm.

Demand for firewood logs has increased over this winter but we still have stocks of seasoned firewood available at our Leicestershire farm, so please get in touch.
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