Wood-burning stoves are often used as standalone heaters, to heat just one room, where they are much more efficient than open fires. But did you know that it’s possible to provide hot water and heat your entire home with a wood stove and reduce your carbon footprint?

Wood logs, when supplied locally and with low moisture content (under 20%), are classed as a low-carbon fuel. There’s very little processing and properly seasoned wood burns very efficiently.

Wood burning boiler stove examples

Biomass heating systems – benefits

In a biomass heating system, the stove is connected to your central heating system, to provide hot water and heat your home.
Biomass is a renewable energy source generated from burning wood, and other organic materials. Whilst it releases carbon dioxide when burned, this is at a much lower level than fossil fuels and is approximately the same amount as the wood absorbs whilst it’s growing.
By using locally sourced, Woodsure approved wood logs, such as those we supply, you will also reduce your dependence on gas and/or electricity. In view of global demand, the cost of these is likely to increase in the future, so using wood to heat your home should be an economical solution as well as helping the environment.

Boiler stoves for central heating

Boiler stoves have traditionally had a “back boiler” at the back of the stove. These days, the boiler may be an integral part of the body of the stove, so that more of the heat goes into the heating system and less into the room.
These stoves can be plumbed into your existing heating system fairly easily, and you can enhance the system by using a thermal store, where heat is stored as hot water, to be used as and when it’s needed. You do have to have the boiler stove lit when you want heat although, as mentioned above, many are designed to provide only a very low level of warmth into the room, with most heat going into the heating / hot water system.
Wood burning boiler stoves can be freestanding or inset, with contemporary designs, as in this example below – and they’re great to look at all year round, whatever the weather!

Wood burning boiler stoves

Efficient wood-burning stoves – Ecodesign regulations

The Ecodesign Regulations set out minimum efficiency and maximum emission requirements for wood-burning stoves.
From January 2022, any stoves and boilers supplied must have been independently tested to show that they meet the requirements.
Older log burners can still be used but should always use “Ready to Burn” logs.
It’s also worth noting that if you live in a smoke control zone, you can only burn wood in a Defra approved stove, which produces very low levels of smoke.

If you’d like to find out more about heating your home with wood, we’ve included some references below.

You could also talk to a supplier like Stoves Online who supply a wide range of wood boiler stoves and heating systems and can offer advice and guidance on a suitable system for your home.

And if you live in the Leicestershire area, we’d be delighted to provide our
high-quality seasoned wood logs for use in your wood powered heating system.

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