Cooking pizza over a log fire

Pizza is a hugely popular meal in the UK and it was of course originally developed in Italy, where it started out as a very simple dish. It wasn’t until the late 18th Century that tomatoes were added as a topping and later on mozzarella cheese was added.

Pizza has spread around the world, most notably in America where the industry is worth $37 billion and it is said that on any given day thirteen percent of the population eats pizza! There are many styles of pizza, thin or thick crust, different cheeses, and additional toppings such as ham, peppers or anchovies (an acquired taste!).

Because of the choices on offer people eventually find their favourite and can be particular in its preparation and cooking. Having your own pizza oven in the garden gives you the opportunity to cook ready-made pizzas the way you like them or, even better, make your own – great for a casual dining experience in summer. A home pizza oven is an attractive smaller version of the commercial variety, with a traditional domed structure and a chimney, the design makes it a striking focal point for the garden.

Using logs in a Pizza Oven

To cook a traditional pizza, there are various “rules” one of which is that the dough for the base should be hand kneaded not rolled! That may be one rule that may be ignored but a proper pizza should always be cooked over a wood fire. Pizzas are cooked quickly and wood gives the intense heat needed to create the perfect pizza. The wood used in a pizza oven, both commercial and domestic, should be seasoned hardwood to ensure a good burn and even cooking.

Logs for pizza ovens

We take an interest in preparing prime burning firewood for our own oven, so we know it is good for our customers as well. All our wood is seasoned and dry for a good burn and small bags of kindling and firewood can be collected from us; larger quantities can be delivered to you. See details here.

Whether you like your pizzas ready-made or prepared from scratch, Cottage Firewood Supplies can help you to cook the perfect pizza – in the traditional way.